KALIM Half Round Medium Cut File, Double Cut Teeth, 6” Length, Made of High Carbon Steel, Hand File without Handle Suitable for Wood, Metal, Sharpening, etc.

Price: $5.99
(as of Sep 20, 2021 00:16:21 UTC – Details)

KALIM High-quality hand files made of high carbon steel, extremely tough and durable after tempering and hardening. Suitable for shaping, sharpening, smoothing, deburring arts and crafts, soft metal, aluminium, tin, copper, hard wood etc. 

Product specification & Details:

Material: high carbon steel

Total length: 7.5”

File Length: 6″

Maximum width offile: 0.63’’ (1.6 cm)

Important reminder:

1.   Do not try to file hardened steel with a (hardened steel)file, you will quickly ruin the file

2.   Clean out any bits of file metal with a stiff wire brush after you finish your work
【Suitable Size】7.5” total length, 6” file length, maximum width of file 0.63’’ (1.6 cm)
【Quality Material】The carbon content of 0.8% is the optimum composition ratio of hand tools and it can remove material faster with fine-grained texture double-cut teeth.
【Advanced Processing】High temperature quenching on the surface of the files lead to higher strength and better abrasion resistance.
【Widely Used】Our hand file can be used for processing hard wood, deburring, trimming and chamfering, polishing rough machining, heavy duty usage. Suitable for shaping metal, wood, plastic, plaster, wallboard, glass and etc. Ideal for wood carving, stone carving, remodeling, boat repair, pattern shops, foundries, etc.
【LIFETIME SATISFACTION GUARANTEE】If there are any problem, please contact us, we will arrange to take a replacement or refund your purchase ASAP